Thumbtack Smoothie doesn't easily fit into your standard electronic categories, so don't try. Bring a helmet and a microscope. This is fury unleashed, digits whirling amid chunks of molten synthetics and the power of sound: thunder from the depths and the heights of a code unknown. Through pulsations of noise removed from the twelve tone system, relentless shadow boxers emerge. Thumbtack Smoothie (a.k.a. Carl Coletti) made the strange transformation from studio session/live drummer (with bands like The Walkers, The Neighborhoods, Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, the Jason Newsted-led Godswallop and Pancake Circus) to experimental electronic musician. His new album Fall Back reflects an artist reaching towards the peak of his extremely weird powers. 8 years ago, he was a drummer who stumbled upon the (then) Metallica Bass-player's portable sampler. Today he is easily one of San Francisco's boldest sonic alchemists. Naturally transferring his percussive knowledge to drum programming and sound manipulation, Thumbtack Smoothie creates his densely layered tracks by loading his herd of samplers with insanely intricate sonic entities of his design and then plays the sampler pads real time, improvising and responding to the overdubbed layers of sound as only a drummer of his caliber can. While tapping the sampler pads his waving hands disturb infrared light D-Beam controllers that change the parameters of the effects on his samples. This level of control shifts him into the territory of insane puppet master in complete command of his audio assault. This unorthodox style of track creation/performance unhinged from traditional production methods allows Thumbtack Smoothie's latest creation, the LP Fall Back, to soar to places unexplored in the realm of experimental electronic music.

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  Releases + mp3 Audio Samples (in black)
  Fall Back - NEW!

01. Sweet Wilma on Manuevers
02. Whiplash Phantasm Beneath the Drywall
03. Chipple
04. Monkupine
05. Melody for a Westbound Ghost Train
06. Pupcin
07. Ten Minnows
08. Ember
09. Pining for 1997
10. Beard of Bees
11. Troublems
12. Let the Rythm Point...Quickly...Yogi


01. Clyde's Edge
02. Dodgeball Mentality
03. Dolores Street
04. Never at Dusk
05. Fragmentation Key
06. June Louder
07. Moondoggy
08. Sore Eye Soiree
09. Scrunchie Misplacement Incident
10. Lil' Dropper

  Math is Hard

01. Save Your Changes
02. Rubber Buildings
03. Fleegle Costume
04. Still in a Cloud
05. Sea Foam Grain
06. Math Is Hard
07. Diminutive Miniature Tiny
08. Variable Reduction
09. It Came Hovering In
10. Mercurial Scattering
11. Lake Vostok
12. Tranquillity Lost & Found


01. twinko
02. disjointorama
03. now since then
04. what the rain made me do
05. front stairs mattress toboggan
06. rooftop dreamrunning
07. bolinas dinner quake of 99
08. kailimbardo state
09. drive too busy
10. jive classification request
11. behind the sofa
12. new car smell fade